Current Trials

Isle of Wight – Chemotherapy

St. Mary’s Hospital on the Isle of Wight currently receives all of its aseptic chemotherapy medicines from mainland England. Where products have a short shelf-life this can be problematic for scheduling of patient treatments with deliveries and can limit the number of treatments that can be given on the island. This means some patients need to visit the mainland for their care. Where current logistics systems are unable to deliver medicines fast enough the potential for UAVs to deliver them is being explored.


The end goal of these tests is to transport medicines from Portsmouth’s Queen Alexandra Hospital helipad directly to the helipad at St. Mary’s Hospital on Isle of Wight to enable timely treatments. Prior to delivery of actual products, rigorous ‘mock’ runs will be completed to understand any issues relating to vibration effects, safety, and best practice.

Apian have are conducting a  trial working in partnership with the Isle of Wight NHS Trust between September and November 2021.  Detailed information can be found here.


The trials are providing the E-Drone research team an opportunity to develop a detailed understanding of the practical implications of transporting chemotherapy treatments by drone.

Apain drones.jpg

V50 drones being used in the Isle of Wight trials

Completed Trials

Vibration Trials


As part of an investigation into the effect of vibrations from drone flight on sensitive medical cargoes [read more]. A series of test flights have been conducted using the University of Southampton and Windracer’s fixed-wing ULTRA TD-1 platform, and Motion Robotics’ multi-copter Arty platform.


ULTRA TD-1 flew multiple flights at Thorney Island Barracks as part of routine systems testing before it was then used to complete the crossing from Land’s End Airport to the Isles of Scilly (pictured). Arty was used in a series of flights over private property in Hampshire, specifically to replicate conditions which may be seen in day-to-day operations of such crafts.

Fixed-wing (Cornwall to Scilly Isles) flight path map


Other Trials

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